Food for Thought

January 16, 2010

Last night I hosted a small DP (i.e. “Dinner Party” for the uninitiated). Suspecting that dessert would not be forthcoming unless feedback was received, my guests said very generous things about the fact that I was blogging. Their nervousness about IT, particularly the public nature of the new technologies, matched my own. They said nice things about the way the site looked and the interesting photos. But when asked about content, there was a nervous silence. It turns out what was absolutely clear to me made no sense to anyone else. It was a good reminder about the insular nature of this process. It’s very indulgent and all too easy to assume transparency and clarity that isn’t actually there.  It was invaluable feedback because as I thought it through overnight I realised that some of my project conceptualisation was wonky. I recall the adage: “People who think clearly, write clearly”. My writing isn’t clear because my thinking isn’t clear. The wonderful thing about recognising this is that it means I’m on the right track. The whole point of a cyclical process is to move from degrees of fuzziness to degrees of clarity.

I think where things are confusing are at the third and fourth layers of the project. I suspect I’m conflating the two. So I’m off to fix up the project description page. (Anything other than facing the washing up!)

Image source: “The Beautiful Ruin of a Table”, Lynda Shevellar


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