My friends in the Vatican

February 7, 2010

This week was ‘smart phone’ week. People who know me will now be on the floor laughing. Given that I’m the woman whose last mobile is still in its original box, has been known to froth at the mouth upon the sound of an overly ‘cute’ ring tone, and once left a lunch because her friend spent too much time texting under the table – this seems like a rather huge leap. But I’m determined to do this technology experiment properly. My IT gurus tell me that there are all sorts of teaching apps that can be run from a mobile. (Apps? See how easily that just slipped in there?) Aside from which if I have to run three diaries any longer I will simply lose the plot. So Smart Phone it is!

It’s taken me a while to find (a) people who sell phones who don’t speak in tongues and (b) people capable of setting up a phone plan for me without making me cry. But I’ve found both (and am happy to give out references privately). So today was learning how to transfer contacts from Outlook to the phone contacts list.

I know there are long term efficiencies, once I ‘master’ the technology, and to help me on my way there are millions of computer-friendly bods who provide all sorts of information – formal and informal – to help. After six different help pages I finally found what I was looking for. For some bizarre reason however in the process of transferring all my contacts over I’ve accidentally, somehow, managed to list all 173 people in my life as living at the Vatican. The agnostics will have a reasonable time and the Catholics should be very happy. It will however come as something of shock to the atheists and pagans who grace my private networks. It may also make skipping Christmas next year a whole lot harder.

So this will be a short post as I go and try and find the necessary codes to get my contacts back out of the holy land. Anyone seen Tom Hanks lately?


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