My Valentine

February 23, 2010

It’s official – I have fallen madly, deeply and passionately in love. On Valentine’s day I was introduced to  someone social, with an amazing memory, extraordinary networking skills and the ability to be everywhere at once.

My hero is a new computer program: it’s a social bookmarking site called “DELICIOUS” and it really is one of the most incredibly things to consume.

For years, it has driven me crazy to have to constantly transfer favourite websites back and forth between my various computers. This is compounded by teaching and every semester needing to yet again go through and list all my favourite sites that I think students will enjoy. But through I can simply keep all my favourite sites in one neat bundle in cyberspace accessible from anywhere I please.

Even better is that it enables “tagging” of sites – so one can search by topic, interest area or project. So for example, any site I’m interested in is automatically tagged with “shevellar”. Sites relevant to my Masters class are tagged SWSP7123. Other sites are tagged with action teaching or participation or whatever it is that holds my attention.

The only down side is that it seems one has to set up a yahoo account to access the technology, as its hosted by Yahoo – but it’s a small price to pay for true love.

Picture source: movie poster for “The Forbidden Planet”


2 Responses to “My Valentine”

  1. Natalija Says:

    Delicious is a great tool to utilise, minus the yahoo-ness… is something i’m in love with as well, limited tagging ability, but you do get to highlight specific content of sites and create a notebook feel of your bookmarks. It is also easier to create bookmarks, as once you log in you can ‘drag’ the icon onto any computers toolbar and use it, instead of installing. But the free version only lets you create 100 entries. Worth a look, but delicious still wins out due to the price 🙂

    Also, have you heard of ??? It’s only a Beta version currently, but it looks promising. Essentialy you have a cork canvas where you can post sticky notes up, you can order them, arrange them etc. The cool thing they do, is that you can ‘share’ your canvas with other people and they can also add to it… sort of like an online graffiti wall… Comming soon the program will enable you to take notes from outside the site, similar to the memonic concept.. highlighting sections – saving them as notes – and they automatically get organised on your profile. Very exciting stuff + it looks amazing… you can even change the colours of the post-it :)… Did I mention they are also a 100% carbon neutral company?

    • Excellent – thanks Natalija. I’ll check out listthings – although in my hands that could be dangerous as it may simply feed my obsessive compulsive side! but hey, colours – I’m in!

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